An Irish Anglers World

Online since April 2010, I created An Irish Anglers World to provide a real time view of rod and line fishing in Ireland through the eyes  and experience of one Irish angler in tandem with campaigning for a national environmental management regime which respects, protects and enhances Ireland’s marine and freshwater resources.

Sadly, during the short  lifetime of this site Ireland has diminished as an angling destination due to environmental decline, fresh water enrichment, habitat destruction and commercial over fishing at sea, much of the aforementioned underpinned by misguided and badly informed Government policy.

Once the envy of many European countries as a wild place delivering exceptional opportunities to commune with nature, today, Ireland is in the midst of a biodiversity and habitat crisis rooted solely in the prevailing political ideology which favours neoliberal deregulation of commercial markets to fit in with the global norm over policies which would truly benefit both the Irish people and the environment within which we walk.

More about an Irish Angler

An Introduction to Beach Casting.

Beach casting off a Co. Wexford strand for dabs, flounder and codling. Based on forty productive years swinging a lead off Irish beaches from Co. Wicklow south and west to Co. Kerry, this article aimed at novice beach anglers and people interested in taking up the pursuit hopes to break down the requirements necessary for successful and enjoyable beach fishing into first principles: Further details, read on…….

Marine Conservation.

A key reason for setting up the original “An Irish Anglers World” website in January 2008 was to highlight serious marine conservation issues which had become all too apparent. Twelve years on, even allowing for recent EU reforms, the situation at national and international level has not improved with the graph still heading inexorably downwards, this writers angling diary a testament to that statement:  Read on for more details…

Fishing Diary

July 28th, 2021

Why we go Fishing.

I can remember being in my fourteenth year and heading out fishing on my own for the first time having..Read more

July 20th, 2021

Dawn Strike at an Old Haunt

Rounding the shingle rampart of Kilcoole point I reached the wall of railway protecting rock armour which runs the length..Read more

July 6th, 2021

Expanding Ireland’s Marine Protected Area Network.

The following is a submission by Ashley Hayden to the public consultation on the MPA Advisory Group’s Report, July 2nd..Read more

May 18th, 2021

Tradition Passed On

It was really nice to have three generations of Hayden’s getting up at the crack of dawn to make the..Read more