Slaney Evening

It is June and the seatrout are starting their annual run. On the Slaney this will take place from about mid June until mid August, peaking in mid July. Late evening into the dark, initially fishing a floating line or a sink tip depending on conditions, then changing to an intermediate for deeper work into the night.


Flies that work well are the Kill Devil Spider, Butcher, and Alexandra, the Kill Devil being particularly good at dusk especially on the point. Working the flies close to the bank under overhanging branches can result in spectacular explosive takes, which can feel savage the darker it gets.

Kill Devil Spider and Butcher

An early visit to the Slaney saw the river running low but with a slight tinge of colour brought on by a couple of showers during the day. There were plenty of parr taking the flies but that evening no seatrout, only a half pound brownie which slashed at the butcher.

River Slaney above Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

It was a beautiful evening to be on the river though with a family of swans out for an evening swim, and as dusk drew in the air came alive with a olives and sedges. Parr and small trout signaled their presence with dimpled and slashing rises to this aeriel feast, and a lone salmon exited the water 100 meters downstream, splash landing before continuing its long journey upstream.

Slaney Swans

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