Conger Capers

David Murphy likes fishing for congers from a local pier. At night the beasts leave their lair and snoop around looking for tasty morsels. A recent night time foray proved eventful with a fine fish landed and a mystery visitor providing some speedy fireworks.

Strapping young lad with a very large conger

Using mackerel for bait it was not long before a short run and hook up resulted in a tug of war with a conger in the 15lb plus bracket. On landing Dave noticed not one but three hooks in the fishes mouth, legacies of previous encounters. Shortly afterwards another run developed which on striking kicked into turbo boost. The fish tore off into the harbour at a rate of knots, unstoppable Dave leaned into what he presumed was a seal. Something had to give which proved to be the wire trace, bitten through above the hook. With no more runs developing that was it for the night, fun and games for sure.

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