Sea Fishing In Ireland, Flounder Fun in Co. Wicklow

Two day old lugworm proves very attractive to flatfish. A short session on a sandy, shallow strand produced four good sized flounder and numerous bites. On arrival an hour after low tide, a nice surf was rolling in and there was a chill in the air due to the north westerly breeze. Fishing close to a low reef  I targeted flounder but always was in with the chance of a bass.

Evening fishing, Co. Wicklow.

A flounder surf (low breakers) was running. Casting a two hook paternoster with gripper just beyond into flat water, bites were slow in coming. Bait was being stripped after about five minutes. As dusk closed in a rattle followed by a slack line indicated a fish big enough to lift the gripper. Lifting and reeling I tightened into a good flounder, well over thirty cms, unhooked and returned.

Surf beach flounder, Co. Wicklow.

Over the next hour another three of similar size cleared the water to be unhooked and put back to grow bigger. Right into darkness they came as the tide rose. Lots of bites, sometimes I was too hasty as the bigger ones might have been a bass, again playing the percentages. Alone on the strand, shortly before leaving a solitary angler appeared and set up about four hundred yards to my left. Not a common sight on this beach, a little gem that never fails to deliver.

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