Specimen Flounder from the South East

They just keep coming, 2.lb 9.ozs of specimen county Wexford flounder for Mick Doyle of the Greystones Ridge Sea Angling Club. A planned weekend session after the lunker flatties came right for Gerry Mitchell and Mick with a haul of five good flounder. Peeler and lugworm were the key baits and a definite pattern is forming regarding the stage of tide when these monster flatfish start to feed.

Michael Doyle of the GRAC with a 2.lb 9.oz specimen Wexford flounder.

A perfect day for flounder fishing, frosty with only a light breeze. The cold slows down the activity of crab making hook baits last that bit longer so giving the flounder an opportunity to home in. Utilising flowing beaded traces which appeal to the inquisitive nature of flounder, it was not until late afternoon that the flounder started to bite.

Peeler crab, the top flounder bait.

In a flurry of activity the flounder came on with Mick landing the biggie to no surprise. Some people have a fish magnet built in and Mick Doyle has the gift, if there was anyone going to catch a specimen yesterday it was he. That is two specimens in one week from a cracking venue, they will not be the last. Practice catch and release.

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