High Times in South Wexford.

A blocking high is centered over Ireland deflecting Atlantic weather systems up and over us to the north. Winds are slack, the sky is clear, and frosty conditions prevail with temperatures at night down to minus five. No matter about the big spring tide, with the sea calm and clear experience dictates that fish will be hard to come by.

Frosty conditions on Rostoonstown Strand, South Wexford.

A fortnight previous on a similar tide codling had showed on a south Wexford strand along with flounder and dab. Today with high water around six pm I could expect fish as dusk fell from around 16.30 pm. Fishing two rods baited with freshly dug lugworm at various distances by 19.00 pm and one rockling later I called it a day. Late January traditionally sees a tail off in catches as fish prepare for spawning so allowing for that and the prevailing conditions I was not too disappointed.

Winter brace of codling and dab.

With bait left over the following evening I headed for Clones strand, a few codling and school bass had shown up the previous weekend, and the beach traditionally fishes well for flatties at this time of year. Dull and overcast but still frosty, the sea was calm a single wave slopping on the beach. Fishing a rising tide with high water around 23.00 pm small dabs and flounder were the order of the day. The signs are looking good for those competing in the forthcoming EFSA Winter Beach Festival, Clones Strand being a regular match venue.

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