Gale Force Wexford Flounder.

I love flounder fishing so when Gerry Mitchell rang to say he was heading down to south County Wexford for an end of season flattie hunt he had an instant companion. Ordering lugworm from the human JCB, thanks bimbo, we arranged to meet at the prearranged mark around 10.00 am. With low water set for midday that gave us approximately two hours of the ebb and the start of the flood, a good time to target flounder at the chosen venue.

A quality south Wexford estuary flounder tempted by lugworm.

On arrival I could see that John “Ringo” Ring had made the journey as well. Deja vu kicked in, the last flounder hunt I had spent with John in November 2009 a gale had been blowing, today was no different. A south westerly increased through the afternoon blowing force 8 by the time we called it a day. Grey skies promised rain but luck was on our side as it did not fall during the session. On the previous occasion we had caught good numbers of flounder with “Ringo” excelling landing doubles and a fine treble. Today things were slower but we were still hopeful.

Estuary fishing for flounder, south county Wexford, Ireland.

Crab and floating weed can be a problem at this venue, today the crab were less active (a legacy of the cold winter no doubt), however weed was wrapping itself around our lines, thankfully not too much. As the tidal run eased towards low water it fell away. Correspondingly the flounder which had been conspicuous by their absence started to show. Gerry let a whoop as a prime flattie slid from the water being not able to resist Sandymount lugworm.

Gerry Mitchell with the stamp of flounder common in south Wexford estuaries.

It’s possible that the floating weed had been masking the bead festooned traces and lugworm baited hooks, because over the turn of the tide before the flood started to push up the estuary channel four good flounder were banked. Easily averaging a pound and a half and in great condition, Gerry landed a brace with a single to John and I.

John "Ringo" Ring with a quality County Wexford, Ireland, flounder tempted by crab.

All fish were caught on lugworm bar John’s which fell to crab. Considering six rods were in action baited frequently this may seem like a poor return, not so. February is the tail end of the season, most flounder having left the estuary on their spawning migration. The quality and size of fish were good, and as a parting wave to this writers 2010/2011 sea angling year the session was a complete success. Roll on May…..

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