South Wexford Flounder.

Ordering crab off Joe Carley of South East Bait Supplies we arranged to meet at a designated spot close to the venue that I had planned to fish. Besides sourcing top quality bait Joe is also an avid shore angler, and a conversation quickly sparked up which had us pouring over ordnance survey maps of South Wexford discussing various marks and how they might fish. Joe quickly put me right on my chosen spot, one which I had never fished but was scoping out, directing me to an alternative instead.

Sunset at a favoured flounder venue in South Wexford, Ireland.

Targeting bass and flounder Joe gave me a heads up that the rain over the last twenty four hours would affect the bass element of the equation. In his experience a flood of freshwater tends to push the bass off the inner estuary marks. Allied to the current set of neaps I would definitely catch flounder but bass may be thin on the ground. Local knowledge, you just can’t beat it.

Peeler crab and lugworm, top baits for estuary bass and flounder.

Armed with freshly dug lugworm and Joe’s crab I planned to commence fishing around 19.00pm, three hours before high water, and fish until an hour and a half after. What an evening, the sunsets down here are spectacular and with a light variable breeze it was shirtsleeves weather. Curlews called as they flew by their curved beaks silhouetted against the golden red horizon, and to cap it all as darkness fell an occasional shooting star lit up the sky. People wonder why we fish, yesterday evening’s backdrop provided the answer.

Estuary flounder, South Wexford, Ireland.

As to the fishing, well Joe got it on the money. My timing was perfect coinciding with the first push of the tide, as the salt wedge made its presence felt flounder came on with for a short period regular leaning bites and hook ups. Lug was the favoured bait and as had been predicted the bass did not show. Heading towards eleven and now black dark I decided to quit just before high tide. It had been quite for nearly an hour now so I decided to save my remaining bait, tomorrow’s another day.

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