Weed Frustrates along the Wexford Shoreline.

The South West Wales Association of Sea Angling Clubs or SWWASAC for short have a long tradition of visiting Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford, enjoying both the fishing and the craic. Penlan SAC are the latest club to make the crossing, and I was really looking forward to spending a couple of days introducing John Richards, his father Dai, and  Dai Crocker to some quality Wexford shore angling. Ominously the southerly winds of recent days promised to spoil the show, uprooting tonnes of wrack and kelp and depositing it on the south facing beach and estuary venues which I had earmarked to fish.

Penlan SAC's John Richards lobbing a crab bait at Cullenstown, Co. Wexford.

Big tides signaled good fishing, and with the prevailing wind swinging around to the west and then subsequently the north east I genuinely thought that we might get a reprieve. Unfortunately though nature won out with mountains of floating seaweed, pushed along by the strong currents, wrapping around traces and masking baited hooks.

Dai Richards with a cracking beach caught Wexford flounder tempted by lugworm.

An evening on the Burrow shore east of Kilmore Quay hinted at what might have been given more favourable conditions. Although fishing was slow the two Dai’s in particular beached a number of good sized flounder up to 40 cms with Dai Crocker landing a small bass for good measure. The following day Cullenstown strand produced a few doggies but sadly Wexford’s finest bass, smooth hounds, and estuary flounders remained elusive due to the volume of weed present.

Dai Crocker displays a schoolie bass.

Staying at the Quay House B/B, Kilmore Quay, a family run business with a tradition of catering for anglers needs, the boat fishing members of the party enjoyed reasonable fishing catching eleven species of fish to include pollack, codling, ling, wrasse, and bass. All were in high praise for skipper Eamonn Hayes agreeing that given the prevailing conditions he worked hard to find and keep them over the fish.

Sunset on the Burrow Shore, west of Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Siobhan, Pat, and Mick of the Quay House for their hospitality over the last three days, and most importantly Penlan SAC for contacting me. It was great to fish with you John, Dai and Dai, swapping stories, having the craic, and God bless your patience and understanding regarding the frustrating conditions. To Martyn, Ian, and all the traveling group, “it was nice to spend time with you, come over again and sample what fishing Wexford really can offer, and most importantly, here’s to Swansea City staying in the Premiership”.

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