Fly Fishing in County Wicklow, Sunny Day on the River

County Wicklow was bathed in unseasonal March sunshine, temperatures reached sixteen degrees, moss dried on bleached granite boulders due to the crystal clear water flowing at summer levels, and the trout stayed deep, indifferent to a fly but not uninterested. Conditions would have tested the best, however William Hayes on holidays from Chicago and I were in a special place, there were trout in those lies so why not rise to the challenge.

Soft hackle fly fishing in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

A brisk warm downstream breeze dictated our approach, in the main we crouched low using the bank and boulders for cover searching out seams and pots where a fish might hold station. Commencing with spiders it became apparent that a bit of depth was required, enter William’s bead head pheasant tail with a cul de canard hackle.

Using cover, fly fishing in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Flies swing around and start to rise, in unison a splash/tug and a trout swims strong across the current. Not large but welcome, one of four hard won between us. Occasional tentative pulls kept the interest up and time flew, in a flash the road beckoned, a wonderful day on the river ends….

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