Fly Fishing in Wicklow, Dabbling in Roundwood

A grey heaviness enveloped Roundwood as, pushed by a warmish southerly breeze, we drifted down the annexe. Lines swished rhythmically and casts, ahead of the moving boat, uncoiled across the surface, sinking a foot before being stripped back at a pace. Top dropper dibbled for a few seconds creating a wake, then lifted for the procedure to start again. Yes, I’ve got one, my fishing partners rod bends to a nice fish which takes to leaping and hopping before diving down so pulling the tip over hard.

The annexe dam at Roundwood reservoir, Co.Wicklow, Ireland.

Played, brought to hand plump and in great condition, a little over half a pound the trout was quickly photographed then gently released to fight another day. The first of three trout and a couple of rises all to a silver dabbler, my card was marked. Swapping a wicklow killer point fly for a size 10 dabbler I recast. Instantly a pull coupled with a surface bulge, recasting, stripping, dibbling, another hard pull. Lifting, recasting, stripping fast my line locks, a trouty splash, fish on. Boring deep but soon in my hand, another half pounder to you’ve got it, the dabbler.

Trout on the dabbler.

Later my rod took another similar fish this time to the wicklow killer, in position now on the middle dropper. With himself landing four and both of us rising numerous fish it had been a busy three hours. Six fish to the boat and it not St.Patrick’s day yet, what has happened to the world. Roundwood they say is a dour lake not prone to giving up its inhabitants easy, it does though as you have learned have its good days, and as for large bushy flies, sacred heart sure what would you be wanting to use them for….

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