Dixie Foals, Eventually

Well a process that started with Dixie, a working hunter, meeting very briefly with Howard and Alan Woods Grade A show jumping Connemara stallion Kingstown Cavalier of¬†Tally Ho House Connemara’s,¬†ended nearly 12 months later with a text book delivery at 02.20am on the morning of 16th April 2012. Nearly four weeks late and causing sleepless nights as her every move was watched through what became termed “Capail Cam”, an in house monitoring device, Dixie finally got into gear and did the business.

Dixie foaling, being helped by Howard Woods.

Mandy would like very much to thank Howard Woods for making himself available to attend the birth at short notice, and also for all the advice and encouragement proffered by Elsie, Alan, and Howard over the last number of years, however much as the little foal benefited, washing up liquid enemas will not become a regular feature up in Ballythomas.

Dixie connecting with her new born foal.

It was interesting and exciting to witness such an event for the first time, and very reassuring to have such real knowledge and experience locally to tap into. Dixie did a trojan job and bonded immediately with her newborn colt whose name still has to be decided, but it is most definitely not going to be Angus, of the AC/DC variety and not the Aberdeen.

Dixie cleaning her new colt.

After about an hour the young colt gingerly found his feet and through the morning has been getting stronger by the hour as he suckles with his mum.

Standing up in the morning.

Well Jen, that’s one down and one to go. Nature is a wonderful thing.

Out in the air.

Out in the air, Dixie’s new foal is presented to the world, thank’s Syl for the help in getting him outside, Dixie is very protective.

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