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Pike on a Roll

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Pike fishing and the south east of Ireland are rarely uttered in the same breath, this winter however David Murphy has bucked the trend, seeking out and connecting with old Esox in a variety of still water, canal, and river locations close to his home base of Carlow. Fishing ledgered and float presented dead baits David has landed numerous pike up to eleven pound in weight. Targeting a twenty before the spawning season gets into full swing, who wouldn’t bet on him achieving his goal.

Irish pike from a backwater tempted by ledgered roach.

On this occasion David set off early on a misty morning to a canal venue which is presently fishing very well for silvers. Ledgering a dead roach, his one and only run resulted in the fish photographed. Weighing about 6/7 pounds it won’t set the pike world on fire, but it continues Dave’s hot streak while adding further to his bank of pike lore.

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A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to All

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Happy Christmas to all from An Irish Anglers World.

To family, friends, people I have met and fished with in 2012, and all the 5000 plus monthly visitors who engage with An Irish Anglers World from at home and abroad, have a happy and peaceful Christmas. With luck Santa will deliver what you wished for, and most importantly tight lines and good fortune in 2013.




Pike from a Bog Lake

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Success in fishing is derived through layering of experience, in essence a combination of theory and practice. To that pairing one can add the routine of regular fishing trips. Knowledge gained of fishy behaviour in tandem with natures changing cycles becomes stored in the subconscious, where at a future date and time, the angler confronted by a particular set of conditions, seemingly without thinking makes a correct tactical choice which results in a good fish.

A ten pound Irish pike from a little bog lake.

David Murphy and his fishing buddy Robbie have pike fished a local water on a number of occasions over the past twelve months building up a body of knowledge. Allowing for the time of year, it is no surprise that their last two visits have resulted in some excellent returns, with four pike to 11.lbs gracing the bank yesterday.

Playing a double figure pike on the bog lake.

Building on experience gleaned from previous trips the lads successfully employed both ledgered and float fished dead baits, roach and dace on this foray, resulting in a cracking afternoons fishing on what was a calm, bright, frosty, day.

Fight This Outrageous Property Tax

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

My house is not an asset, it’s a home, not a privilege but a democratic right earned through sheer hard graft. My wife and I have invested 27 years of blood, sweat, and tears, into buying and maintaining it, along with a bucket load of tax. Feudalism had died out by the 15th century, now our Government wants to resurrect the system circa 2012. Well Enda, Michael, Brendan, Eamonn, et al ¬†let me tell you, I or my family have no intention ever of becoming your vassals.

This is my family home, it is not and never will be an asset.

In principal I have no problem paying a property tax on an asset that generates immediate wealth. Should I own, which I do not an investment property, should my property be a business premises, should I sell my home to upgrade, I accept these are all possible examples of where a carefully thought out (in terms of targeting and implementation) tax may rightfully be imposed. However while I and my wife live and raise a family in this property it is a home first and foremost, so steer clear.


My wife and I bought our house to provide shelter for ourselves and to raise a family, not as a cash cow, the idea is absurd. It is a means to an end, a roof over our heads, and most certainly not an earner, if anything the exact opposite, spending on maintenance and household bills coming to mind. Today, now our kids are reared it means Christmas, Easter, and family get togethers, a sack full of memories and more to come. It means births, boyfriends, girlfriends, and grandchildren, exam triumphs, neighbours dropping in, and the sad passing of loved ones. We do not make a cent on our home and will not even when we pass on, however when that time comes you will make a tidy sum through inheritance tax, so back off now.

Our grandson Myles with his loving parents Jen and Dan.

Enda, you threaten my wife and I with a punitive 8% interest per month should we refuse to pay and plan to deduct the tax at source from social welfare payments, we and all the Irish people deserve better. Jack boots went out of fashion in 1945, just because you lick up to the 2012 reincarnation don’t try to pawn her system off on us. My wife and I did not cause the present economic mess, and remember lest you conveniently forget, while the last Fianna Fail administration brought this country to its economic knees you were in opposition and made a pretty poor fist of it, ergo, a lot of blame lies on yours and your parties doorstep too.

Mother and Daughters.

Contrary to popular media expression, most of Ireland did not buy into the madness that created our current national economic situation. Property ownership first and foremost is about putting a roof over peoples heads and is certainly not predicated by dollar signs. When I and my wife finally shuffle off this mortal coil you or whatever administration is in charge then will receive their pound of flesh, until then you won’t, as much as I or my wife are able, get a penny unless you use the force of the state. Remember jack boot tyranny was put down in 1945, it can and will be put down again……….

Yours with conviction,

Ashley Hayden

Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Choosing Ireland as a Sea Fishing/Angling Holiday Destination

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Sea fishing in West Cork Ireland.

A key element of a destination marketing project I am undertaking to evaluate what motivates tourist sea anglers/fishers to first consider, then choose, and finally travel to a particular destination. With Ireland in mind I would be very grateful for any views/comment/opinion received under the following headings;

  • What is your primary motive/reason for considering a destination sea angling/fishing holiday?
  • What do you look for in a sea angling/fishing destination holiday?
  • Which is more important to your decision making process, trade advertising or word of mouth?
  • Which are more relevant to your information search, trade magazine articles, internet articles, or word of mouth?
  • Is Irish angling holiday information easy to access and accurate?
  • Do you prefer traveling as an individual or within a group?
  • What is your optimum length of sea angling/fishing holiday and what time of year suits best?
  • How much of a factor is cost?
  • Why choose Ireland?
  • If you have previous experience of a sea angling/fishing holiday in Ireland might you supply a brief overview of how your actual experience matched your pre – holiday expectations.
  • If you have previously had a sea angling/fishing holiday within Ireland, have you returned and why?

Relative to this project a tourist angler includes Irish nationals and non nationals permanently resident abroad, and all those resident in Ireland who travel and fish within Ireland spending at least one bed night away. Any information received will be treated with the strictest confidence. Please also supply name, age, country of origin, and number of years angling.

Email information to:

An alternative user option, click on link to Survey Monkey:

As a third option I have left the comments box open.

Hoping to reach a quorum of 100 individual returns, your input is much appreciated.

Thank you to all respondents.