No to the Property Tax

Born and raised by Irish emigrant parents in 1960′s London I experienced the brave new world of hope, individual potential and freedom, which enveloped large parts of the world post WWII. Sadly, Ireland today in a socio-economic context bears no resemblance to that so recent period of endless possibility.

Last week I received my valuation forms through the post, the first stage in a process which, if I proceed, will tie my family home to the Government forever, a property tax sold on the pretext of provision of local services, with refusal to pay spun through the media as being unpatriotic.

I want to make it clear that I will never pay this unjust tax, my home is sacrosanct and as stated in a previous post is not an earner, so to those who seek to foister this charge, in an obvious jack boot manner, do your worst.

Living in the country I pay for and pipe my own water, maintain my own septic tank, and pay for my bins and recycling. The road outside still has the pot holes created during the big snow of 2010.

I and my family have always paid our way and are not averse to service charges where service is provided.

Free market economics as advocated by Milton Friedman failed in various South American countries to include Chile and Argentina. It is as plain as day obvious that the Chicago School of Economics has got to Enda, Michael, Eamonn et al. The Irish people do not deserve the subjugation masquarading as democracy that we have to presently endure day in and day out.

To Josephine Feehily, Revenue Chairperson, and your minions, you may say that you are doing your job as per the Government in terms of collecting and or chasing up on this charge, but think again so did Hitlers cronies.

I am not a criminal and I am quite happy to pay my way and contribute to the state ongoing as I have shown in my life to date. However this soldier knows good law from bad, and at this stage, based on the guts of a decade of appalling self serving administrations, the time has come to draw a line in the sand.

Ashley Hayden will not sign up for this charge, EVER. I, my family, and the people of Ireland deserve better Governance, and SOONER OR LATER we will get it.

Yours sincerely,

Ashley Hayden

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