Eight Month Old Baby Myles Red Cards FG/Lab and the Troika

Yesterday I went marching in Dublin with Mammy, Daddy, and two of my Grandparents so that Ireland can be a better place to live in when I grow up. My Mammy told me that I owed €15,000 on the day that I was born to a person that I have never met, which I find very hard to understand. She also told me that the forest where I go in my buggy might be sold to a business man from another country, who might lock the gate before cutting down all the trees. I didn’t like being told this so I waved a red card along with lots of other people at the politicians and EU finance Ministers, telling them to “stop messing with my future”.

I don’t know a lot as I’m only learning, however, when I grow up I would like to have a choice about my education and future career, I would like to know that someone will take care of Granny and Grandad properly if they happen to get sick, and that the countryside which I love to be taken too will not be spoiled by too many windmills, and that there will be fish in the sea again I’m half Grandad’s age.

Red carding FG/Lab and the EU Finance Ministers outside Dublin Castle, Saturday March 13th 2013.

Most important for me is that when I can speak properly my voice is heard by those fella’s who I waved my red card at today. The big crowd around me were waving red cards too, many of them were as old as Granny and Grandad, made me think, do those guys in the Castle ever listen?

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