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Sea Kayaking off Dalkey

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Enjoyed a fine day out sea kayaking with Des Keaney and the team at Deep Blue Sea Kayaking, along with a group of invited marine scientists and staff members of Pew Charitable Trusts, in Ireland for the Pew Fellows annual conference based in the Grand Hotel, Malahide. Three days of presentations on marine environmental issues, to include an overview of the Irish sea with particular reference to fish stocks and the influence of commercial fishing by Professor Callum Roberts and Ed Fahy. Not for the feint hearted, a damning indictment of sea fisheries mismanagement, the science does not lie, its the politicians that do not listen.

Sea kayaking in Dalkey sound.

I digress, pre trip our group was fueled with a slap up meal of beef bourginon followed by chocolate fudge cake and cream all washed down with mulled wine at Deep Blue Sea’s base in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Onwards to Bulloch Harbour, a safety check, assessment of experience and we were off paddling with the tide towards Dalkey Island. Des’s team of Sue, Sonja, Tom, and Padraig, were first class keeping tabs anonymously always feeling like they were just part of the group.

Group picture on Dalkey Island.

Circumnavigating Dalkey Island we were joined by a family of grey seals who bumped our kayaks, played with the loose toggles, and dived with a whoosh of spray and foam. Taking time out on the island Des gave the group a brief history of St Begnet, the martello tower and fort. Standing for a group photo, it was nice to think that people from Australia, British Columbia, Mexico, France, Mauritius, California, and Chicago would go home with pleasant memories of a wonderful afternoon spent paddling in Dublin Bay.

Small Water Pike

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

The popped up roach floating just above the weed bed caught the predators attention, weak or injured a handy breakfast. The mottled green zeppelin double flicked its tail turning sharply while in the same movement opening its shovel like mouth. Seizing the roach broadside old esox turned and made a beeline for its layer, meanwhile hidden behind a clump of bullrushes on the shoreline not twenty meters away David Murphy crouched ready, line peeling off his baitrunner reel. pike for angler David Murphy,, caught while fishing a small water.

Leaning into the pike Davids rod took on a healthy curve and the fish turned. Swimming in easy, as the pike entered the shallows it kicked hard and shot clear of the water gill rakers flared and fins erect. Hanging motionless for a split second, body slightly arched, the vision became real in a welter of spray and a lunge transmitted through Davids rod as the now very angry pike headed post haste for the centre of the lake. Irish pike caught and released.

With Davids baitrunner reluctantly feeding line old esox turned under the pressure, now swimming left then right parallel with the bank, after a short fight David eased the great fish into his cavernous net. Weighed on a certified scales at just over then released back gently to the water, a good start to the winter season.