Jillian Godsil, Courage Beyond Endurance.

Jill Godsil, a divorced mother of two and entrepreneur who’s business failed in the crash is standing for election in Europe on a “debt ticket”. Government in servitude to the IMF/ECB/EU troika have made debt a “moral issue” when in fact it is a “business condition”.

Jill Godsil, a courageous woman standing for Europe in 2014.

Jill deserves our vote because unlike many who are standing for county council and European elections she carries a real experiential story into the fray, has a vision, is intelligent, personable, knows how to close business deals and possesses oodles of integrity.

Jill stands for debt relief based on fair business resolutions:

  • Jill was bankrupted because she couldn’t pay her mortgage, the bank rejected a firm offer of €500,000 that Jill through an ingenious social media promotion managed to raise on her property, the bank eventually sold the property for €160,000.
  • Jill single handedly has changed the law on bankrupts standing for European elections. The Government caved in and revised the legislation which “disallowed bankrupt people from standing” the morning of and prior to Jill’s court hearing.

With 80% of Ireland’s laws now emanating from Europe the European parliament is where the real action is and will become increasingly so. Jill Godsil will represent a true voice of experience in both Brussels and Strasbourg for the close on 400,000 unemployed and tens of thousands of hard pressed mortgage holders who have committed no crime but are made feel like they have by a Government that has placed corporate interest ahead of social responsibility.

Click on: Jill Godsil, a worthy European Candidate.

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