Garth Brooks, Tourism Angling and Irish Méféinism

I question does the average Irish citizen really understand the true meaning of both civic cooperation and national pride, or underneath all the “come all ye” does a sense of  méféinism prevail.

Wild Montana Brownie.

The Garth Brooks concerts were cancelled due to a number of reasons of which the Irish people will probably never be fully informed. That said, allowing for commercial mistakes one factor is very clear, a small minority at the outset objected, said no as is their democratic right and as a result:

  • Ireland’s tourism brand image is tarnished.
  • Question marks will be asked internationally about our commercial ability.
  • €50 million directly will be lost to the Irish economy.
  • €15 million will be lost to Dublin’s restaurant and pub trade alone.
  • Hospitality jobs both full and part time are threatened.

In 2012, this writer put 18 months research and planning plus €15,000 savings into a fledgling tourism operation. Upon being given the green light by “The National Parks and Wildlife” and “Dublin City Council” yours truly was thwarted at the eleventh hour by, the bullying tactics of committee members from a well respected angling association and the uncharitable behaviour of certain high up people within a national youth organisation. Both it has to be said used covert tactics which would never appear above the radar, so enabling their squeaky clean image to remain intact.

As a result this soldier after being let go from permanent employment in 2010 had to rethink again his job prospects while also cancelling active bookings.  A small, but significant for this writer, example of narrow minded people acting in their own self interest causing distress to my family, loss of local tourism revenue, tourism advertising and a job or two for east Co. Wicklow.

It would appear that this type of negative human action is a national malaise which can pop up and destroy at any time. When this particular cohort of begrudging Irish citizenry start on their selfish crusades do they ever think of the bigger picture. Ireland is a country of 4.5 million people sitting on the periphery of Europe, indebted up to its eye balls but equally possessing oodles of potential, will we ever allow ourselves to fully achieve it?


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