Anti Water Charges/Austerity Protest Dublin December 10th 2014

Make no mistake the Irish people mean business, fed up with property taxes, water charges, job bridge schemes, internships, falling wages and salaries, children emigrating and most importantly being treated like imbeciles by a patronising administration who have turned a deaf ear on the people who elected them. Within seconds of walking through the doors of Leinster House this present FG/Labour government tore up the mandate that placed them in office and immediately became willing lap dogs of the IMF, billionaires, bankers and EU political high rollers, well after today their days are well and truly numbered.

Right2Water Protest Dublin 10122014

Don’t believe the muted analysis which you will hear on the mainstream media channels, having listened to George Hook on Newstalk and watched RTE’s six one news, let me say having stood on Merrion Square after walking very slowly down Nassau St, two sides of Merrion SQ were chock a block along with Nassau St, tens of thousands of people from all over Ireland, good natured but seething after the lies they have been proffered by this most hated of administrations. To hear Minister Alan Kelly say this evening that “water charges are here to stay” more or less says it all. Are they that thick that they will not listen to the people? No, because they have their Ministerial pensions ahead of them, the cynical shower of bastards. One thing is very clear they will not win this one.

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