Shore Fishing Wexford: Bastardstown

Autumn is officially here and with reports of a few bass being caught in the vicinity of Kilmore Quay I decided to head down and try a new mark. High tide at falling off a set of springs with a north west breeze flattening the sea did not make for ideal conditions however it was a grand evening perfect for getting to know the venue. Bastardstown is a locality west of Ballyhealy and one assumes the beach fishes in a similar way. Having dug five dozen fresh lugworm an hour previous my twin paternoster traces hit the water round

Bastardstown strand, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

As dusk closed in the rod tops dipped to attention from hungry shore crab, then as blackness took hold an unmistakable thump, thump brought rod to hand and subsequently a bright silver schoolie danced up the beach. Scissors hooked and full of attitude, given the flat calm sea a good start. Safely returned I rebaited and cast out.

Wexford school bass.

In jig time a tap, tap, lean suggested flattie interest. Sitting on my hands for a moment the rod tip pulled forward and fell slack, a sure sign of flounder which it proved to be. A lull ensued for twenty minutes before what I call the shake, lean club arrived, dogfish. After a couple in quick succession I decided that was that, it now being half past ten, full tide and the road awaited.

Given the conditions I had caught the three species I expected to show and a brief chat with a local angler who had only hit dogfish expanded my knowledge of the venue. A la Ballyhealy bass will show during a south westerly blow and it could be a big one exemplified by the ten pounder he encountered last season at in the morning, great stuff…….

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