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It’s Flounder Time Again

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

I always look forward to early winter in Co. Wexford and a shot at the resident estuary flounder or fluke as they are sometimes referred to. Light beach rods, flowing bead laced traces and peeler crab attract these inquisitive olive green flatties as they bulk up prior to their late winter spawning run. Casting into channels barely two foot deep that criss cross mudflats can seem a tad unusual, sure how could that puddle hold fish? But they do and in Wexford many estuary flounder grow to well over the average size, a two pound plus fish always on the cards.

A Wexford flounder for David Murphy, caught on lugworm.

Plain leads, long snoods and 2/0 fine wire Aberdeens offset with a pliers to aid hooking do the business, 2/0′s because they sort out the bigger fish, fine wire as this aids unhooking while also helping to minimise injury to the fish and plain leads to let the trace wander, flounder being attracted to a moving bait.

Calm frosty weather is the ideal primarily because it reduces bait robbing crab and prawn activity, however some of my best estuary flounder fishing has been in gale force conditions. Heavy rain however which generates a freshwater flush in the channels can put flounder off. A bonus when estuary fishing for fluke, especially in Autumn and early winter, is an occasional large bass, another reason to use biggish hooks.

Estuary view, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

So gather or order your peeler crab, choose a tide, preferably with high water around midday, employ a flowing trace equipped with a plain lead, cast out, set the rod low in its rest and wait for that tap tap lean of a bite. Flounder, one of my favourite fish………….

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