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Rostoonstown Strand

Bass, Rostoonstown

Take the Rosslare road out of Wexford town. One can turn right off the main road at Killinick or further on at Tagoat. Follow the signs towards Tacumshin. On the way signs for a pub called the Millhouse may be encountered. Follow these as there are a maze of lanes in this area and it is easy to get lost. In the grounds of the pub is a restored mill, as good a landmark as any, and the pub serves good food too. Taking the Millhouse car park as a reference point, turn left out of the car park and about two hundred metres beyond the pub is a junction. There is a sign here pointing the way down a lane to Rostoonstown strand.

Rostoonstown Smooth Hound

The lane peters out in a salt marsh/sand dune area between Ladys Island Lake and Tacumshin Lake.  Park the car and about 100 metres over the dunes is the beach. Rostoonstown is a steep to gravel/shingle beach. There is quite an undertow here and swimming would not be advisable. The depth of water offshore is considerable and because of a light lateral current grip leads are advised. Local knowledge says to fish at night, but do not rule out daylight as certainly when the mackerel are running species such as Bass and Codling will be attracted to the fry also.

Species caught include Bass, Codling, Smooth Hound, Flounder, Plaice, Dab, Dogfish, and Mackerel (especially on summer evenings). Lugworm certainly scores well here and fish can be caught at very close range. A note worth considering is that prolonged onshore blows, essentially any wind with south in it, tends to stir up weed which makes for difficult fishing.