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Smoothhound Tinnebearna

Tinnebearna is a beautiful strand situated south of Kilmuckridge, Co. Wexford. Once the Smooth Hound venue of Ireland, today the jury is most definitely out. To access the beach follow the coast road south from Kilmuckridge towards Blackwater. After a couple of miles the road will drop steeply towards a narrow bridge. About a half mile beyond the bridge a cross roads will be reached. Tinnebearna is signposted to the left. Follow the narrow lane. Eventually a right hand junction will be reached on the apex of a very sharp bend. Turn into this lane and follow down to the strand. The lane will morph from tarmac into a dirt road and end in a grassy area. The sea will be observed through a gap in the mud cliffs, which has been eroded over time by a small stream.

Tinnebearna, looking south from stream

Tinnebearna is a night fishing venue. Aim to get there about an hour before last light. Fishing by the small stream is a good bet, while deeper water can be accessed about three hundred yards to the left. Offshore the ground is clean, shallow, and characterised by gullies and sandbars. The sandbars run laterally along the strand, which is characteristic of beaches in this area. Where gaps occur in the sandbars, fish usually congregate. Breaks in the surf pattern are good indicators as to where these gaps are. Study the beach and search them out.

Tinnebearna, Co. Wexford, Dusk

Species to expect are Bass, Dogfish, Dab, Flounder and Whiting, with Codling in the autumn and winter. In the recent past May and June were the months for Smooth Hound, with Spur Dogfish, Ray, and Tope very likely. Smooth Hounds are still caught, but certainly not in the numbers or average size of former years. As for Spur’s, Ray, and Tope, I do not have enough recent evidence to form an opinion. Crab, Rag, and Mackerel are the key baits.