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Fishing Diary

As an angler it is fun to visit and try out new venues. With free time at a premium nowadays, it would be nice to fish a new spot confident that one is going to be successful. Unfortunately a lot of available angling information can be limited, or worse, out of date. The following diary sets out up to date information based on recent angling experience of venues fished, both locally and further afield.

Genuine anglers will use the knowledge gleaned here wisely and honestly. Whether you are a seasoned fisher, new to the sport, or a visitor on a holiday break, if the information presented here makes your fishing trip more successful and enjoyable, then the sentiment behind the diary has succeeded. Tight lines.

Hector Goes Fishing

Irish broadcaster Hector Ó hEochagáin had a real opportunity within this program screened on RTE to not only give viewers an..Read more

Specimen Fishing Opportunities in South East Ireland

The annual report of the Irish Specimen Fish Committee is eagerly awaited by pleasure anglers and dedicated specimen hunters alike...Read more

Understanding North East Atlantic Mackerel

The reduction in size, quantity, and late arrival of east coast mackerel off Greystones Co. Wicklow post 2010 prompted a..Read more

Sea Kayaking off Dalkey

Enjoyed a fine day out sea kayaking with Des Keaney and the team at Deep Blue Sea Kayaking, along with..Read more

Small Water Pike

The popped up roach floating just above the weed bed caught the predators attention, weak or injured a handy breakfast...Read more

Time Out for a Masters Degree

Undertaking an MSc Masters in Business, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship through Waterford Institute of Technology, for the next twelve months..Read more

Beara Bruiser

There are a few shore marks in Ireland where one can cast a line with a real possibility of landing..Read more

Promoting Sea Angling in a Digital World

150, 000 UK based sea anglers travel to fish spending eight days per calander year outside England and Wales (Drew..Read more

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Only in Ireland will we spend €110,000 establishing the value of recreational angling while continuing to abuse and destroy the..Read more

Fishy Rambles in Deepest West Cork

South west Ireland besides being wild and rugged delivers some of the best mixed species shore fishing this country has..Read more