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Fishing Diary

As an angler it is fun to visit and try out new venues. With free time at a premium nowadays, it would be nice to fish a new spot confident that one is going to be successful. Unfortunately a lot of available angling information can be limited, or worse, out of date. The following diary sets out up to date information based on recent angling experience of venues fished, both locally and further afield.

Genuine anglers will use the knowledge gleaned here wisely and honestly. Whether you are a seasoned fisher, new to the sport, or a visitor on a holiday break, if the information presented here makes your fishing trip more successful and enjoyable, then the sentiment behind the diary has succeeded. Tight lines.

Garth Brooks, Tourism Angling and Irish Méféinism

I question does the average Irish citizen really understand the true meaning of both civic cooperation and national pride, or..Read more

Cod Heaven off Kilmore

“Ready up boys where drifting over some kelp”, instructed “Autumn Dream” skipper Eamonn Hayes, seconds later members of the Pleasure..Read more

Forty Knots to Pollack Paradise

Clearing the pier head Dermot gunned the engine, 135 horses kicked into life and a whirlwind drive to the Saltee..Read more

Mid Summer Ray

The search for an early summer tope found me revisiting old haunts. Wicklows northern beaches, which were a second home..Read more

Ardaire Springs Eternal

Drawing the damsel fly nymph slowly through the layers using a figure of eight motion a heavy lean on my..Read more

Royal Mail Issues Threatened Marine Fish Species Stamp Set

The Royal Mail has issued a set of 10 stamps promoting sustainable fishing of marine species. A wonderful collaborative initiative..Read more

Managed Recreational Fisheries, Creating a Sense of Place from the Artificial

Creating an artificial but apparently natural venue that is harmonious to the environment and incorporates appropriate management systems, can enhance..Read more

Andrew goes Wild

Irish anglers are lucky, having access to a plethora of venues where wild fish across a variety of species can..Read more

Hector Goes Fishing

Irish broadcaster Hector Ó hEochagáin had a real opportunity within this program screened on RTE to not only give viewers an..Read more

Specimen Fishing Opportunities in South East Ireland

The annual report of the Irish Specimen Fish Committee is eagerly awaited by pleasure anglers and dedicated specimen hunters alike...Read more