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Fishing Diary

As an angler it is fun to visit and try out new venues. With free time at a premium nowadays, it would be nice to fish a new spot confident that one is going to be successful. Unfortunately a lot of available angling information can be limited, or worse, out of date. The following diary sets out up to date information based on recent angling experience of venues fished, both locally and further afield.

Genuine anglers will use the knowledge gleaned here wisely and honestly. Whether you are a seasoned fisher, new to the sport, or a visitor on a holiday break, if the information presented here makes your fishing trip more successful and enjoyable, then the sentiment behind the diary has succeeded. Tight lines.

Greystones Tourism Shore Angling Circa 1989

A tourist shore angling spends on average between €800 – €1000 over a week long stay. The following link accesses..Read more

Greystones, Co. Wicklow, January 2016

Turning to view Bray Head a chill north west wind morphed to cutting, burning my face as I leaned forward..Read more

Ireland’s Sea Fisheries Belong to All its Citizens

My Grandfather Willie Redmond built clinker design boats in his shed behind Killians Hall a stones throw from the harbour..Read more

It’s Flounder Time Again

I always look forward to early winter in Co. Wexford and a shot at the resident estuary flounder or fluke..Read more

Watch “The River Man”

One of the main reason for setting up was to highlight Ireland’s wonderful rod and line fishing resource while also..Read more

Bass Hat-Trick

My surf pole bounced in its stand as the rod top first hauled forward then immediately straightened in unison with..Read more

Autumn Sea Fishing off Kilmore Quay

It’s not even nine in the morning and we are catching mackerel, drifting a half mile off the Burrow shore..Read more

Sea Fishing in Wexford: Welsh Rarebit

South Wexford has the ability to deliver quality sea fishing even when the odds are stacked heavily against you. Stalwart..Read more

Bass Fishing in Ireland: Float Fishing with Live Sandeel.

John George is a Pembrokeshire lad who first traveled to Ireland as an 18 year old with the sole intention..Read more

Shore Fishing Wexford: Bastardstown

Autumn is officially here and with reports of a few bass being caught in the vicinity of Kilmore Quay I..Read more