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Fishing Diary

As an angler it is fun to visit and try out new venues. With free time at a premium nowadays, it would be nice to fish a new spot confident that one is going to be successful. Unfortunately a lot of available angling information can be limited, or worse, out of date. The following diary sets out up to date information based on recent angling experience of venues fished, both locally and further afield.

Genuine anglers will use the knowledge gleaned here wisely and honestly. Whether you are a seasoned fisher, new to the sport, or a visitor on a holiday break, if the information presented here makes your fishing trip more successful and enjoyable, then the sentiment behind the diary has succeeded. Tight lines.

Irish Kayak Fishing Open Competition 2015

Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork will host the inaugural Irish Kayak Fishing Open competition on Saturday 15th August 2015. A  fun day..Read more

Sea Fishing in Wexford: Rocky Bottom Boys

“60 feet below us, rocky bottom boys”, skipper Eamonn Hayes intoned, “fish marking over kelp beds, keep bumping those leads”...Read more

Fly Fishing in Ireland: Tail Water Trout

Line shot out turning over enabling team greenwell’s, a glory on the point covered by his batman spider on dropper,..Read more

Sea Fishing Wexford: Dogfish Central

Ballymoney strand is a beach that I have never fished. Ironically, most of the beaches south of Arklow I rarely..Read more

Fly Fishing in Ireland: Off the Beaten Track

Standing at the ford I surveyed the scene, downstream a cloud of black gnat, sheltered by a line of trees,..Read more

Fly Fishing in Wicklow: Moorland Spiders

“Is there anything stirring”, asked the farmer who on a break from tending to his sheep had spied me setting..Read more

Bream Catcher

Compensating for the strong north west breeze I cast my forty gram feeder slightly to the right in order to..Read more

Preparing a Tench Swim

Air temperatures are warming after a late cold snap and my thoughts turn to tench. A visit to a known..Read more

Drop Minnow for Perch

Perch are a well known yet at the same time an unknown species, appreciated and yet unappreciated in equal measure...Read more

Irish River Monster

For over 30 years Jeremy Wade has traveled the world in search of large river fish such as the Mahseer..Read more