An Irish Anglers World

Irish Pike Fishing Memories.

The Irish pike is a creature of cult and mystery, a mottled green predator with a fearsome reputation beloved of specimen hunters, a true freshwater leviathan.

Equally at home in lakes or rivers and reaching weights of 40 lbs plus, the average weight for a rod and line pike caught in Ireland is 8 – 10 lbs with any pike over twenty pounds considered a truly great catch.

Popular methods to tempt Irish pike include ledgered and float fished dead baits, sink and draw dead baits, trolled dead baits, lure fishing, and fly fishing.

Found throughout Ireland waters worth considering are the upper River Lee basin, Co. Cork, the Shannon and Erne river systems, the River Barrow, and the multitude of large and small lakes in Counties Cavan and Monaghan.

A cavan beauty for Peadar O'Brien.The boat house at Castle Leslie, a famous Monaghan pike venue.A double figure shore pike from a County Cavan water. At the helm, trolling for pike in County Monaghan.Returning a jack to grow bigger, County Cavan, Ireland.The dedicated pike fisher will get their reward.Twenty pounds plus of County Cavan pike for Scott Ring.Twenty one pounds eight ounces of County Monaghan shore pike.A double figure shore pike from a County Cavan lake.