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Game Fishing in Ireland, Rainbows in the Fall

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Annamoe Trout Fishery, Co. Wicklow, is a great place to while away a few hours, a secluded, mature water, home to a stock of hard fighting rainbow trout averaging 2.5/3.0 lbs in weight, they do not give themselves up easy, a trait which added to a fun and interesting afternoons fishing for Indiana USA visitors Troy Owen, his son Maguire, and grandfather Stephen.

Playing a good rainbow at Annamoe Trout Fishery, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Setting up with matching 10′, 5 weight kit married to 8lb tippets (you need to go heavy at Annamoe as these trout grow large) the guys varied their approach using boobies, green damsel fly bead heads, and dry daddies. Commencing fishing around four pm on a warm afternoon, signs of Autumn were evident and shadows lengthened through the evening as the sun dipped early behind the mountains. Damsel flies hovered, midges made their presence felt, lines swished, and then with a cry of “fish on” the reverie¬†was broken.

Indiana state visitor Troy Owen displays a fine Annamoe rainbow tempted by a peach booby.

Troy Owen had connected with a tough “bow” which took a bead head daddy, threw a few cart wheels, ran backwards and forwards along the bank, before shaking the barbless hook free. Later switching to a sinking line and booby set up Troy hooked into three more lively fish netted with the help of his son Maguire, who not to be outdone showed that he can strip streamers with the best of them, hooking and landing a couple of quality rainbows like a seasoned veteran.

Nice fish, a quality Annamoe rainbow for Stephen from Indiana, USA.

Grandfather Stephen also weighed in with a couple of nice fish to a green damsel fly. Pulls, missed takes, thrown hooks, the evening flew by and at 19.30 pm dinner beckoned, Annamoe had delivered again, a great session, we’ll be back.

Owned and run by Brian Nally, Annamoe Trout Fishery is open all year and well worth a visit, contact Brian through the fishery website, Annamoe Trout Fishery, or just turn up. The fishery is located in the village of Annamoe, Co. Wicklow, situated equidistant between Glendalough and Roundwood.

Media Day at Annamoe Trout Fishery

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Enjoyed a great day fishing the annual media competition organised by Derek Evans, angling correspondent with the Irish Times, at Brian Nally’s well appointed Annamoe Trout Fishery located close to Glendalough in Co. Wicklow. A warm day punctuated by a brisk variable south/south east breeze, the resident rainbows were obliging, at least in the morning, and all 16 participants landed some cracking fish.

Rob Love with one of six Annamoe rainbows lured to his rod.

“What’s catching Brian?”, I asked eyeing the selection of flies and lures available within Annamoe’s club house, a spacious log cabin where anglers can relax before, during, and after fishing. Today at half time we were to enjoy a slap up hot buffet meal courtesy of Annamoe Trout Fishery and plenty of teas, coffees, and biccies in between, “you spoiled us Brian and thank you”. “Try that red bead head zonker lure, it was working very well last week”, replied Brian, so I did and it still worked as I was to find out.

Yours truly with one of four Annamoe rainbows I landed during the media event.

Three casts in my rod locked and the first of four rainbows lured by that red strip of fluff powered off. All giving a good account of themselves, they took a while to get to the net. Fishing an intermediate line to a 15 foot leader with a six pound tippet, slow long draws of the line worked for me. Using barbless hooks I lost two more fish which threw the iron after spectacular jumps, that while witnessing Killarney fly fishing machine John Buckley take 21 fish in the morning session. John blanked in the afternoon, as I did, but he still did enough to retain the trophy with Dave McBride of South Side Angling coming second. Thank you to Brian for your hospitality, Derek for inviting me, and to all the participants that I know and the new people I met, Ed, Remy, Chris, and Rob, see you on the water and tight lines….