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Winter Beach fishing, South Wexford.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Not having shore fished since mid November due to the arctic conditions it was great to once again feel the crunch of shingle underfoot, wind up the surf casting pole, and send a five ounce lead fizzing towards the horizon. A planned session after codling along the south Wexford beaches delivered a pleasing result yielding four species and a few fish for the pot.

Winter beach fishing south county Wexford, Ireland.

Fresh/frozen razor fish from a previous session were supplemented with lugworm and clam dug from the back strand at Rosslare. A couple of fellow bait collectors hinted at the prospect of fish and information was traded as to the current hot spots between bouts of digging. Lugworm is the top bait at this time of year but don’t rule out mussel and razor fish or combinations of all three. Coalies love mussel and razor can be very good for flounder especially when fished in the gutter after a blow.Bait digging on the burrow shore, Rosslare, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

A quick spot of lunch then off to the beach. Winter codling fishing has become increasingly hit and miss due to commercial overfishing, however large numbers of one-two pound codling have been present along the south coast since the summer hinting at a bumper winter beach season. East Cork, in particular the Youghal estuary, has produced good bags of fish to five pounds+, so I was hopeful that the Wexford beaches would not disappoint.

Daiwa 7HT's and Paul Kerry combinations.

Night tides in early January can throw up codling to weight  along the south Wexford beaches west of Carnsore point. Few and far between in recent years I was confident that fish would show. Setting up twin rigs, a single hook clipped down and a two hook flapper, the former was fired out while the latter was lobbed to about 60 meters. An oily swell was running creating a single wave on the beach and there was little or no floating weed. With high tide at five pm approx, I commenced fishing around half past three. As the light faded fish came on.

Winter sunset in south Wexford, Ireland.

Initially bites were tentative then a full blooded rap led to a slack line. Backing up while winding I felt the weight of a reasonable fish which turned out to be a codling of close to 40.cms. The action was fairly constant for an hour or so over the top of the tide. A few bites were missed which might have been down to coalfish and the fact that I was using long snoods. That said codling, dab, flounder, and rockling were landed, with the highlight being a fine flounder tempted by razor at distance.

Winter beach fishing fare, south Wexford, Ireland.

A brace of codling coupled with a nice dab and flounder made the trip worth while. January will see the best of it after which the beach rods will be moth balled until May. If the weather holds up another session or two is definitely on the cards. Let’s hope the codling are still obliging.