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2012 Irish Angling Expo

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Paid a visit to the 2012 Irish Angling Expo and spent an enjoyable few hours viewing the stands and catching up with friends. Boat builders, tackle shops, tourist boards, outfitters, and guides, were well represented with one of the busiest stands being the “Dublin Angling Initiative”, Des Chew and his gang of helpers doing great work. I really enjoyed the falconry exhibit, getting up close to a Red Kite and a Barn Owl was amazing. It’s rare to see barn owls nowadays gliding ghostly white when captured fleetingly within the beam of your car head lights. As for kites, well they are a common sight now locally after being reintroduced, what a wonderful spectacle when they flock.

Barn Owl.

It was nice also to see Irish anglers giving advice and tips, we do have our own “angling celebrities”. Speaking of which Jim Clohessy from Cork gave a fine presentation on the efficacy and use of soft plastic lures when chasing sea species such as pollack, cod, and bass. Hello also to Liam Kane, it was nice to meet you in the flesh, your articles in the Irish Anglers Digest have been avidly absorbed by me for over twenty years or even longer. I really enjoyed our chat, maybe we’ll get fishing yet this summer.

Mr Cork boat angling, Jim Clohessy in action.

Purchasing bits of kit, making a few contacts, and getting hooked by John Wilson, yes while the great man was giving a centre pin casting demo his terminal tackle wrapped around my arm, I’d say he hasn’t caught a bigger specimen this year. Yes, it was a grand afternoon.