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AeSect Rock Fibbers

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Images say enough, AeSect play metal hard and loud. Rifftastic, it’s hard to believe this is only their second gig. Storming through a 40 minute set Lamb of God, Slayer, and Testament come to mind, but hey this is all their own work. Rock on Shane, Luke, Aiden, and the two Dave’s.

Aiden O'Halloran (guitar) and Dave Murphy (bass) of AeSect rock Fibbers.Dave Murphy (bass) and AeSect vocalist Shane Kiernan.AeSect left to right, Aiden O'Halloran, Dave Murphy, Luke Peters, Shane Kiernan, and Dave Kennedy.Aiden and Dave let rip.Dave Kennedy, AeSect guitarist.Dave Murphy, bassist with AeSect riffs out.