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Promoting Sea Angling in a Digital World

Friday, September 13th, 2013

150, 000 UK based sea anglers travel to fish spending eight days per calander year outside England and Wales (Drew and Associates, 2004). Establishing where this cohort resides then subsequently presenting a balanced portrayal of Irish sea angling and how to access it, developing contacts and building trust (Relationship Marketing) will result in dividends. Analysis of a recent post on shore fishing published on this site entitled “Fishy Rambles in Deepest West Cork“, dated 03/09/2013, is quite revealing.

A nice shore pollack for Dave Hoskins a visitor from the United Kingdom.

Providing a link to the report within a post on a well frequented UK sea angling forum, ten days later the thread had received 747 visits. Delving further through Google analytics it became apparent that 289 people had made a unique visit to view “Fishy Rambles in Deepest West Cork” from the aforementioned link staying on the page for 1.53 minutes, ergo they read it. Further analysis showed that 9 visitors proceeded deeper into the site seeking linked information. This development is very positive for it tallies very closely with accepted sales returns eminating from the web of between 1 and 2 percent. By extension based on an excepted industry metric, of those 9 who sought further information there is a real possibility that 3 to 6 of them may very well end up sea fishing in West Cork within a year or two.

Comments from the thread would substantiate that claim.

  • Great report, I love reading them, keep them coming.
  • Great report buddy, some classy fish there.
  • Well done great report thanks for sharing.
  • Some nice fish. A great session.

Dan O’Brien, the Irish Times economics editor, addressing staff of BT Ireland earlier this year referenced “Market Penetration” as a key area of innovation that the indiginous Irish business sector, of which tourism is a key component, should focus on and develop. The above exercise would tend to endorse his view………..