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Irish Kayak Fishing Open, Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork, Saturday 15th August 2015

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

The Irish Kayak Fishing Open will take place on Saturday 15th August 2015 at Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork, commencing at 11.00 am with fishing until 16.00 pm. Sponsored by industry leaders in the kayaking field, first placed on the day will receive a €1000.00 Wilderness Systems voucher, second placed a voucher from Palm Equipment for €500.00, with Adventure Technology Paddles donating a €250.00 voucher for third place.

Wilderness Systems KayaksPalm Equipment Kayaks

The competition will be open to all anglers over 18 years of age, however every entrant must meet a number of criteria to ensure their own safety and the smooth running of the event. Check in on the day will commence at 09.00 am.

Gary Robinson, A Kayak Fisherman in Ireland.

Based in a sheltered venue renowned for its sea angling, the scenic West Cork fishing village of Courtmacsherry enables kayak anglers access to a range of species to include bass, flounder, dab, ray, pollack, wrasse and conger.

Angling writer and event organiser Gary Robinson from the A Kayak Fisherman in Ireland website in advance thanks all those who offered advice and encouragement in helping him put together what promises to be a great day out in a beautiful and prolific sea fishing location.

All enquiries to Gary Robinson at:

Adventure Technology Kayak Paddles

Event Details

Irish Kayak Fishing Open, Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork, Saturday, August 15th, Fishing 11.00 am – 16.00 pm.

The competition will be open to all anglers over 18 years of age, however every entrant must meet a number of criteria to ensure their own safety and the smooth running of the event:

  • Every competitor must have their own seaworthy kayak, paddle, appropriate clothing, PFD, camera, signalling equipment of some description (VHF, flares, etc.)
  • Must be confident in their own fitness levels, self-rescue and paddling skills and be well prepared for a day afloat
  • Must register to participate in the competition by sending an email to by the Monday before the competition date
  • Must carry a measuring mat (to be provided by Inland Fisheries Ireland) and competitor’s card (distributed at check in on morning of event) as well as a camera.
  • Should carry relevant protection from the weather. Ireland has a tendency to throw four seasons at us in one day. With this in mind it would be a good idea to carry at least a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as well as enough food and liquids for the day.

Competition Rules:

  • This event is weather dependent. In the event of bad weather an alternative site will be considered but ultimately the event depends on relatively safe weather conditions. Judges will make the appropriate call on the day.
  • This is an individual event. There are no team prizes or challenges.
  • Entry fee will be small, probably in the region of €10. It is hoped that funds raised can be donated to the RNLI
  • Fishing time from 11.00 am  - 16.00 pm. Kayaks that do not make it back to the launch point by 16.00 will be disqualified. Check in from 09.00 where gear (kayak, PFD, etc.) will be checked.
  • Paddles or pedals only. No motors. This is in the interests of fairness to all competitors. Other electronic equipment such as echo sounders, GPS units and chartplotters, etc may be used.
  • No more than two rods may be fished at any one time. Static fishing rigs should have no more than three hooks. Jigging rigs for baitfish should have no more than six hooks.
  • Bait or lures – angler’s choice
  • The competition is based on the ethos of Catch, Photo, Release. Images, not dead fish, will win prizes. Competitors are free to keep fish as they see fit but for prizewinning purposes it will be the photos only that will be judged. Each competitor will be given a competitor’s token at check in. EACH image submitted for prize consideration must include this token. Photos submitted without the inclusion of this token will not be counted.
  • Prizes for species count, 1st, 2nd and 3rd and longest fish categories for selected species.
  • Judges decision is final.



Cockleshell Hero

Monday, September 15th, 2014

In December 1942 “Operation Frankton” was undertaken by a team of highly trained British marine commandos, their mission to sink German ships within Bordeaux harbour with a view to disrupting the North Atlantic U-boat campaign. What was significant about their task was that the team employed two man canoes as their mode of transport, paddling seventy miles up the Gironde River under the noses of the Nazis. Twelve men started what was ultimately an arduous but successful mission out of which two personnel had to abandon the result of damage to their canoe, two drowned, two made it back to London via Gibralter, the remainder sadly were captured and shot.

Gary Robinson, kayak angler extraordinaire.

The innovative mission made famous by the 1955 produced film “Cockleshell Heroes” starring Trevor Howard and Dora Bryan clearly showed how versatile canoes/kayaks are, being fit for purpose across a multitude of uses. Seventy years later intrepid anglers are now using them to reach and capture large fish on rod and line, one such bloke being Gary Robinson who likes targeting tope off Ireland’s east coast.

A thirty pound tope for Gary Robinson, caught off Ireland's east coast. Image courtesy of Gary Robinson.

Walking onto the strand I was surprised to see Gary on the beach standing beside his well kitted out canoe untangling an anchor line. Currently studying marine biology in Galway, while up visiting his family Gary had decided to seize the opportunity take time out and see if a few tope were running. His day had been a success, a thirty pound tope making off with his fresh mackerel offering within ten minutes of commencing fishing. As far as I am aware Gary was the first sea angler to officially catch and release a kayak caught tope and is at the vanguard of this fascinating branch of the sport. Innovative and passionate about kayak fishing methodology and practice why not visit his site at

A Kayakfisherman in Ireland

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Gary Robinson is an all round angler with a deep interest in all things aquatic. Five years ago Gary purchased a sit on kayak purely to go paddling then had a eureka moment, with a bit of modification one could fish off this, the possibilities are endless. Studying for a marine biology degree in Galway has expanded Gary’s knowledge of the marine and enabled him to try new waters atop his trusty kayak. Interested now in highlighting Irish kayak angling Gary has created the A Kayak Fisherman in Ireland website, detailing his own personal experience of this increasingly popular hybrid of boat fishing.

Gary Robinson, A Kayak fisherman in Ireland.

To date having boated (kayaked maybe?) a range of sea fish from locations as diverse as the Beara Peninsula, Killary Harbour, and the exposed north Wicklow coastline where Gary targeted successfully a specimen forty pound plus tope, the intrepid kayaker has earmarked a twenty pound Lough Corrib pike as his autumn/winter project.

Kayak angler Gary Robinson with his Irish specimen tope.

A Kayakfisherman in Ireland is a project that showcases kayak fishing and Irelands aquatic environment from an individual perspective. A seasoned writer with articles published in An Irish Anglers Digest, Sea Angler magazine, and Hook1, follow Gary’s unique journey of discovery incorporating both a sub and top surface approach, you’ll be hooked………

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Sea Kayak Fishing in Ireland, A Ray Day

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Studying marine biology and angling, what a fabulous combination, theory and practice all in one. Gary Robinson took time out last weekend, making good use of a break in the weather, to launch his kayak with a spot of ray fishing in mind. Choosing a sheltered location he paddled forth, and with his echo sounder showing a depth of 40 feet (roughly seven fathoms), proceeded to lower his sand eel baited flowing trace to the bottom.

Sea fishing in Ireland, playing a nice ray.

Fishing over sandy ground it was not long before a lean on Gary’s rod signaled interest from down below. Heavy knocks ensued typical of ray. Giving the fish time (five or ten seconds) Gary tightened into the ray and began to lift and wind simultaneously. His boat rod took on a nice curve and after a couple of minutes pumping while reeling an opaque white disc appeared through the murk.

A quality thornback ray for sea kayak angler Gary Robinson.

Shortly after a nice thornback ray knocking six or seven pound, hooked just inside the mouth, lay flapping on Gary’s lap. Using his disgorger with the minimum of fuss, Gary unhooked the fish and took a quick snap before releasing the ray to swim back whence she came. Wasting no time in rebaiting, Gary dropped his rig to the seabed again, knowing that ray swim in groups he was not going to miss an opportunity. Within minutes a double knock ensued, and so the day progressed.

Kayak angler Gary Robinson and his customised craft.

Heading into his third season of sea kayak fishing, Gary Robinson through his own initiative has customised a standard sit on kayak to a very high level, and by applying a baby steps, common sense approach to developing experience and seamanship has opened up a whole new world of fishing opportunities for himself, culminating this season in a fish of a lifetime fifty pound plus tope. What’s next? If I know Gary it’s a twenty pound pike………

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