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Third time Lucky at St. Mullins

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

It was a case of third time lucky when visiting the Co. Carlow venue for some Shad fishing this morning. Not leaving anything to chance, the head was on the pillow at 10.30pm with the alarm set for 02.50am. The car was already packed, a quick bowl of cereal, a cup of scald, and on the way by 03.30am. Pulled up in the car park beside the old mill at 04.30am with the faintest of light beginning to show in the sky. It was noticeable that the car park was full and the flattened riverbank was testament to a lot of recent fishing activity. With a 3.83 metre tide full in around 06.00am there was sure to be Shad in the river.

Dave Shad fishing at St. Mullins

Blue and Silver Tazmanian Devils were cast towards the far bank in the early morning mist, the air was chill, and the dawn chorus was giving its all. For the first twenty minutes not a stir, then the river came alive. By this stage a number of anglers were on the bank, as if by magic practically everyone was into a fish. Rods were arching and landing nets were in hand.

Tazmanian Devil

Dawn and dusk are the best taking times for Shad and so it proved again. For about three quarters of an hour Shad hit the lures with regularity, many fell off due to their bony mouths, and numerous times the lure was hit but no hook up occurred. By about six thirty am the fish had moved through and takes petered out.

Dave with his first ever Shad

Dave and I called it a morning. The trip had been a success. The target had been for Dave to catch his first Shad, which he achieved. The short spell of activity had yielded five each on the bank, with a few hook ups and hits to add to the fun. Farewell to the elusive Shad for another year, the next trip down will be to target the Bream that frequent this stretch of the river Barrow.

Wexford Reconnaisance

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Fishy Spot

The cold winter this year has held back the normal course of nature by at least a month. My local east Wexford beaches are beginning to fish as the weather warms up with reports of Flounder and schoolies, along with an odd bigger Bass. Friends fishing various beach marks in County Waterford are picking up Bass in the four to seven pound bracket along with some nice Flounder. With north easterlies having set in this past few days, never great for fishing, I decided instead to scope out potential marks around south Wexford, and brought a lure rod along for good measure.

Lure Box

It is incredible how while living in and carrying on our daily lives in a particular area, we can still find places quite close by that are new to us. Such was my experience yesterday, as with a friend Davy we found a beach so unlike any other we know in Co. Wexford, and more importantly one that positively screams Bass.

Davy casting a lure on that beach

We scoped various marks at low water to gauge the lie of the land, and will be back during the coming season to try our luck. Regarding the ”particular” beach, a friendly diver that we met told us that “yes” Bass did frequent the venue, but to date this year he had only come across Pollack and Wrasse. The summer looks promising already.