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Sunday Morning Hack Out.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Carrig Wood is a combination of spruce, larch, and beech woods. Clear felling of the evergreens by Coillte, The semi state forestry organisation, has been ongoing for a number of years resulting in bare patches on the mountain. The broad leaf sections thankfully have been left alone. A legacy of the recent children’s hunt is a jumping course combining natural obstacles such as fallen trees, ditches, dykes, and logs criss crossing between the beech woods and the pine forestry. It adds a new dimension to what is an enjoyable place to ride out the horses and ponies.

Cluney, a Connemara Pony who is learning the ropes.

Howard and Alan Woods of, Tally Ho Connamara’s, wanted to school a couple of youngsters, thus an arrangement was made to meet at the entrance to Carrig Wood on Sunday morning last. Crisp and frosty with no wind and a clear blue sky, it was a fine morning to be out.

A leisurely Sunday morning in north county Wexford.

The relations were up for the weekend and it did not take much persuading for the niece and sister in law to accept a steed and join the party. The idea was for the inexperienced horses and ponies to mix with the senior animals in a group situation and learn from the outing. The new jumping course being an ideal environment given its natural location.

Roz and Dixie jumping a pine log in Carrig Wood.

Young Erica and her green pony had a ball negotiating logs, ditches, and banks. The pony was well up for it and Erica showed her ability as a young rider which was duly noted by Alan and Howard. “As good a pair of hands as we have seen in a long while for someone so young”.

Erica and her green pony jump a log in Carrig wood.

The morning progressed with a trek along various forest paths before another round of jumping. The horses and ponies working up a sweat and enjoying the ride out.

Coming down the mountains, north Co. Wexford, Ireland.

On the day Erica’s pony showed its class, is definitely a prospect, and would be a credit to any junior rider once it has a few more miles on the clock.

At full tilt, horse riding in County Wexford, Ireland.

Where would you get it? Sunday morning in good company, enjoying the fresh air and shooting the breeze. I’m often asked about living in a remote area and possible disadvantages. Whisper it, ” there are no disadvantages”.