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Game Fishing in Ireland, Autumn at Rathcon Trout Fishery.

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

The first days of October and an indian summer beckons. With arrangements made it was off to spend Sunday afternoon fishing Rathcon Trout Fishery with Liam who runs, :/http/ . Rathcon, a rainbow trout water, is set in rolling parkland close to Grangecon in west county Wicklow. Spring fed, the fishery is inhabited by fighting fit rainbows which feed on an abundance of natural food such as crayfish, minnow, and damselfly nymphs. These trout grow to enormous size, fish of double figures are caught regularly, and boy can they scrap. Well conditioned they could be mistaken for steelheads, and strip line just as fast.

Garrett Byrne with a Rathcon rainbow tempted bt a small sedge immitation.

The weather was glorious with clear blue skies and just a slight breeze from the north east. Arriving at midday Liam and I introduced ourselves, and as you would discussed fishing before heading off to our favourite corners. A number of anglers were already trying their luck with some success, one being Garrett Byrne who quickly added to his tally with a hard fighting rainbow tempted by an elk hair caddis. Medium size sedges were skittering across the surface and fish were rising, using his polaroids to good effect Garrett was placing his fly in front of cruising fish and they were happy to oblige.

Running hard and deep, Rathcon Trout Fishery.

Having initially tied up a daddy and a bibio and not responded to the obvious signs of a sedge rise, I duly replaced the daddy with a sedge imitation and bingo, fish on. Close to three pound the rainbow sipped down the fly before exploding into action with a number of lively runs. Safely netted and admired it was put back to fight another day. By now the lake was mirror calm, fishing had slowed and there were few rises. The choice was fish buzzers or a big dry daddy, the latter being more in hope.

Barry Rogerson with a Rathcon rainbow which took a deep sunk booby.

Meanwhile Liam had been fishing New Zealand style with a buzzer fixed under a large dry indicator. The method was working too well, he had been smashed three times, Rathcon rainbows are unforgiving. The highlight of the day was witnessing a smash and grab take from a very large fish. The angler fishing a dry daddy placed the fly in front of the cruising trout, which it duly nailed stripping five meters of line off the reel and totally clearing the water before going to ground in a weed bed. One nil to a Rathcon bruiser.

The clubhouse at Rathcon Trout Fishery, Grangecon, Co. Wicklow.

At six bells I said my goodbyes to Liam, fish had been hard won today but hey that is angling. It had been nice to witness some good action and talk fishing with anglers such as Garrett Byrne and Barry Rogerson. Rathcon is a delightful managed fishery approximately one hour south west of Dublin. Take the N.81 towards Baltinglass and follow the signs for Grangecon. In the village take the junction at Moore’s pub and travel the road for half a mile, the (tiny signposted) entrance will be on the left. Contact Dermot Paige through their website,, in advance. A half day is priced €20.00 which is great value.

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