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Save Ireland’s Wild Brown Trout

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Having taken up fly fishing for wild brown trout and sea trout at the age of 33 on Ireland’s east coast rivers in 1994, but worm fished occasionally on the same waters for both species since my early teenage years, I can categorically say that wild brown trout stocks have deteriorated within river systems such as the Slaney, Avoca, Liffey, Vartry and Dargle. Now some would say that a couple of the rivers mentioned are not great trout streams anyway, but take my word for it the trout were there in good numbers, today their populations are noticeably reduced.

Save Ireland's Wild Brown TroutA combination of factors has led to this situation and ultimately science will establish exactly why many riverine trout populations are declining, one factor is clear though which can be immediately addressed, angler attrition has played its part. Having fly fished well managed bountiful trout streams in Montana USA where catch and release was the norm, Ireland with a change in mindset has the opportunity and the natural resources to recreate similar angling waters. Each mature trout returned potentially can restock our home waters, let all us Irish fly anglers do the right thing not only for the species that we love but for that toddler fly fisher to be who is presently running round your feet, if you catch please release………

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