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South Wicklow Beach Session

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Midsummer brings the promise of smoothies, bass, and tope. A bait digging foray to Rosslare provided quality lugworm, clam, and cockles (great for tipping off), plenty enough for an evening chasing smooth hound and bass off a local venue. With the moon nearly full and a nine pm high tide, prospects looked good.

Evening tide, South Wicklow, Ireland

A muggy evening with a light breeze from the south west is perfect for smooth hound, two averaging had been caught from the mark a couple of evenings previous. Five anglers fishing nine rods, ragworm, lugworm, clam, cockles, crab, we had to score. Proceedings started well with a couple of summer codling to 35cms in close, double dogs at range. Davy got a heavy double knock and missed, bass for sure. Thirty seconds later a slight lean on my rod tip then it hauls over hard, bang, fish on. Head shaking and small runs, a nice wee bass landed and returned.

South Wicklow bass

The night progressed with a couple of more codling, dabs, plenty of dogfish, just the one bass, and a few smooth hound pups on crab, but no big mommas. No matter, it was a beautiful evening spent in good company with the rod tips nodding, a few fish landed, and a nice bass to cap it off.