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A New Sea Fishing Season Beckons

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Living in south east Ireland traditionally I do not start back sea angling until May, some might say that bass are back in residence through late March and April especially if the weather is warm, and that the bigger sea trout start to migrate along certain shores and estuaries which is true and are very prone to taking a light pirken type lure or fly, however by sea fishing I mean surf casting and inshore boat fishing and relative to my neck of the woods May and if the truth be known mid May is the earliest worth really setting out. By then the crab moult is in full swing, weather has warmed and settled down, and most importantly a range of species are moving in after spawning, hungry and lean due to their exertions and ready to take a bait.

Inside my sea fishing tackle box.

Plans to hit the beach this weekend with bass in mind were curtailed by my getting hit for six by gastric flu. With absolutely no energy and surprisingly for me no interest in food I summoned what ever reserves to at least get my tackle box ready for the fray. May is going to be a busy fishing month what with a bass trip or two before the close, smoothies, shad (their already in), and a trip to the Beara pencilled in for the last week, things would want to be in order. Having made a list and during the previous week purchased necessary items from the tackle shop to include new line, shock leader, and trace making gear, I got stuck in yesterday afternoon.

Matching Daiwa 7HT's for distance surf casting.

I have used matching Daiwa surf casting gear for years, initially modifying the original Millionaire for long distance casting, teaming it with a Paul Kerry rod and more or less have never felt the need to change, only upgrading an odd surf pole since and stepping up to the 7HT when they came on the scene around 1989/90. Come to think of it, the 7HT reel in the foreground above was purchased in 1990 and has never had a new part fitted, quality you cannot beat it. In my opinion keep things simple, forget about magnets, just regularly rinse in fresh water, apply the right grade oil and insert the correct size break block(s) for your style of casting (mine is a half pendulum) and you’re ready for action. Today I fitted my 7HT’s with 16.9 lb Sufix main line fronted by 18′ of 60 lb shock leader to a size 1 rolling swivel. They are now ready to cope with most clean and semi rough ground shore situations.

Jelly worming for pollack using a 10 foot Shimano spinning rod matched with a Shimano Exage 4000 reel.

Attention was also given to my lure fishing clobber especially with that Beara trip in mind. I use a Shimano Exage 4000 with interchangeable spools, one loaded with braid the other filled with 12 lb mono. Coupled with a 10 foot pike or stiff lure rod depending on the target species, jig heads, 30 and 60 gram barrel leads, 2 ounce bombs, shads, jelly worms, feathers, hokais, and spinners, I’m ready for anything.

Shore rig, end connection.

Shore rig, snood connection.

Finally I set about making some shore rigs, to be quite honest one type, it covers 90% of my shore fishing and really is a catch all trace. Roughly six/seven foot long, built around mono and comprising a swivel/oval split ring connection at either end, and two snood connections linked by 18 inches of Amnesia to two 2/0 kamasan B940′s, both positioned 18 inches from the top and bottom, couldn’t be simpler. Oh, it’s the two hook flapper I hear you say. Yes, why make fishing complicated, the rig works on clean/mixed ground everywhere and depending on the bait will catch most fish going. If something toothy is about or am fishing very rough ground I beef up the line/use wire (if necessary), employ spark plugs as weights occasionally and set up a running paternoster with a short snood. Pulley rigs? Forget it, again too complicated, keep it simple.

A fine evenings catch of codling and dabs.

With those jobs done and a final list made of the one or two essential items that I still need to get the gear was packed away and I retired knowing that when I shake this bug a haul such as that pictured above is most definitely achievable. Tight lines…..