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River Barrow in Winter

Friday, November 26th, 2010

The River Barrow is a wonderful resource that I am only beginning to get to know. A great mixed fishery with large stocks of coarse fish, a run of  migratory salmon, the elusive shad, and quality wild trout fishing. The Barrow is navigable from St Mullins 65 kilometers upstream to Athy, and beyond to Monesterevin in Co. Kildare. A series of 23 canals and locks aiding circumnavigation of shallow stretches along its length.

River Barrow below Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny.

Dace, roach, rudd, bream, hybrids, and perch are the main coarse species along with pike, the latter of which reach specimen size. Over the course of this winter and into the spring I hope to unlock some of the Barrow’s secrets, hopefully catching both a large perch and a good pike into the bargain if the fishing gods are kind.

River Barrow at Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow

A piking/reconnaissance trip yesterday provided much needed information but no fish. The locks and canals would appear to be the key providing fish with shelter from the main flow particularly in times of flood. Marinas such as the one at Leighlinbridge and the facility at Athy are another source of refuge for resident fish populations and are therefore worth considering also. That said they are obvious locations to target fish and so will be frequently visited.

The old mill at Levittstown, Co. Kildare.

Far better to get off the beaten track, either walk the towpaths or fish from a boat. Looked at objectively th

May on the Barrow

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

What is it with nature, the colour yellow, and May. Our cold winter has finally left us and the past few days have been humid and close. A little spot of rain turned the grass green overnight, and the countryside came to life in various shades of yellow. Rich Gorse yellow with that wonderful coconut scent, bright fields of rape seed, broom, dandelion, and buttercup.

Blackstairs mountains above Kiltealy, Co. Wexford

The Blackstairs mountains shimmered and the higher peaks were lost in isolated low cloud as I drove through Kiltealy and Ballymurphy on the way to fly fish the river Barrow at Goresbridge. The Barrow south of Carlow is predominantly a coarse and pike fishery, however trout reside in the fast water below the weirs, and there is a nice riffly stretch below the village of Goresbridge.


Goresbridge angling association control the game fishing on this stretch of the Barrow, and day permits at €5.00 can be purchased from the Barrow Breeze Bar on the main street. Pike, Dace, and Bream populate the still water above the weir, while below the river is one long riffle for about a quarter of a mile. Access is limited due to bank side vegetation, wading though is an option but only in low flows.

Barrow Trout

Running a hares ear, partridge and orange, and black and silver spider through various runs yielded a number of trout to eight ounces. One cast  delivered a double header which for a fleeting moment felt like a good trout. No matter, the sun was shining, the trout were taking, and all was right with the world. Happy days.