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AeSect Drive On.

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

To gain respect bands have to be credible, to be real, AeSect are such a creature. Playing driving, riff based metal, they display both an understanding of the genre and an ability which could see them stake a claim for a position on a higher stage. In a tough uncompromising industry where posturing and bombast is so often a substitute for lack of musical talent, these guys are a breath of fresh air. Delivering a tight set of exciting, well structured, intelligent compositions, with just the right amount of head jarring stops and running sternum thumping bass riffs, Wacken watch out, the Irish will be headlining sooner than you think.

AeSect bassist Smurf in pensive mood.AeSect in full flight.Dread the thought.AeSect, the engine room.AeSect lead the way.

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