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Wild trout fishing in Ireland, last day on Roundwood.

Monday, September 27th, 2010

The south lake is low, testament to the hot and dry summer Ireland has just experienced allied to Dublin’s voracious demand for water. The boats at Knockatemple have followed the retreating tide line close on thirty metres and I would estimate 10-12 feet in depth from the winter high. Still a long way from showing its bones, of benefit to the angler is the exposure of trout holding features which can be explored the following season.

Low water levels at knockatemple, Roundwood reservoir, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

An early Sunday morning phone call from Kevin had us on the water by lunchtime. A light variable breeze from the southeast  created barely a ripple.  Mill pond calm conditions, a few sedges on the water, occasional lone fish announcing their presence only by the spreading rings left behind after their sipping rises, conditions were tough. That said, we were on the water most likely for the last time this season and what better place to be.

Wild brown trout lured by a watsons fancy, Roundwood reservoir, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

As expected fishing was slow with only two fish boated for the afternoon. Putting up a fast sinking line teamed with a wickhams, watsons, and a daddy, shortly into the first drift over the point at knockatemple a positive take resulted in a nice pound plus trout. Staying deep the brownie was netted after a lively fight, golden olive in colour with large black spots, a typical plump Roundwood fish lured by the watsons. Subsequently we tried hard covering various shores, the reward for our efforts just one smaller fish to Kevin. With a chill in the air at six bells we called it a day. 2010 has been a good season on the lake with some fine fish taken and many good memories to sustain us through the winter.

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